Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Ultraman Store in Tokyo Station

 I'm a big ol' fan of Ultraman and my wonderful Tokyo family took me to the Tokyo Station shops which happens to have a really cool Ultraman store.

 Ultra Seven has his eyes on you.
 I love dioramas so I found the Ultraman dioramas to be very artistic and cool.

 These Ultraman figures are really rad but the destroyed city really makes it.  Great job Ultra staff.

 The hallways in Tokyo Station look so futuristic and sleek.  Expect to see a lot of foreigners and a lot of business people because Tokyo Station sits below office buildings and hotels.

Check out Tokyo Station for yourself.
 Check out this doughnut from Tully's.  Work of art!

Hey ya Tokyo it's been a beautiful trip.  One more roomwear expedition to Lawson 100 and then it's back to the USA.  See you next time Tokyo, a piece of my heart is always with you.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Going to the onsen in my brain

One of my best memories from 2014 was spending time in Urayasu Mangekyo Okaro.
I love the smell of the wet wood. It wa a little bit cold outside too which made the hot onsen feel really good.