Monday, November 3, 2014

Tokyo November 2014 part one

Wow where do I start?  I was hanging out with my main man Mel in a Tokyo movie lobby when all of the sudden it hit me, I haven't written anything in my blog about this trip yet.

I was minding my own business in a shopping mall when I came across this interesting distraction, a maze for kids made from cardboard.  I would have loved a cardboard maze when I was a kid.  I would love to stroll through a cardboard maze now come to think of it.  I didn't see anyone betting on which child would finish first but someone could easily make an afternoon of it.

A big shout out as always to 7 Eleven and their wonderful wonderful ATMs.  I don't know what I would without you.  7 Eleven is still the easiest way to get cash with a card from the USA.  Take note travelers of all varieties.

Hey check it out, I was in Ginza when I ran into this Coicorin.  I gave this nice little lady a rub on the belly in order to shrink my belly and "make a new debut."  Here's hoping cousins!  Let's do this!

Outside the Kabuki theater in Ginza I contemplated my place in the universe.  I'm glad in be in the Land of the Rising Sun where my shirts feel softer than they do in Arizona because of the moisture in the air.

More to come cousins.

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