Monday, November 24, 2014

So much Seoul we can't control

 Traditional Korean garb on display.

 Local law enforcement is hip to my game.  Have mercy!
 Fun with flags.  Where's Sheldon?

 Hey guy every urinal comes with a fly for you to aim for.  South Koreans think of everything.
 Excuse me do you have any mannequin heads?  Oh wait I found them.
 Pinhead and Iron Man: Marvel Team-up!
 Healthy Bibimbap.
 Namdaemun gate: large and in charge.
 The delicious Twist Potato.  $2 well spent.

 Uniqlo I love you babbbbby!
 Seoul at sundown.

 Gangnam Style!
 Check out that lovely LED tree.
 Excellent kimchi presentation.
 Sirloin and mushrooms.
South Korea has killer soup.
 Would you believe potato and chicken pizza topped with Dijon mustard.
 Now that's a big foot mang.

Nature Republic is a great place to pick-up some face masks my friend.
Thanks for the memories Seoul.  It was a blast!  See you next time.  Mr. Pete's wardrobe by Schott and g.u. Japan.

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