Monday, November 24, 2014

Seoul Subway Style

 In the Seoul Subways the gas masks and emergency supplies are in full view.
 Movie trailers run on a loop.  Does the phone allow you to talk to Brad Pitt?
 Love those fall colors.
 Uniqlo!  Yes please.
 In the Korean BBQ restaurant, it's all you can eat cabbage, kimchi and whatever this yellow fruit is.
 The waiter/chef cooks the stir fried chicken rice right at your table.
 This spicy fried rice dish reminds me of jambalaya.
 Stir fried bulgogi beef.
 This spicy stir fried bulgogi rice reminds me a lot of jerk fried rice at Chino Bandido in Phoenix,AZ.  Except it has huge chunks of rock salt.  Crunch!
More Seoul at the next stop.  See you then.

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