Sunday, November 23, 2014

Grab your hat we're going to Tokyo! Kameari and the Kameari Park Precinct

San Diego has a great international terminal with a mini Stone Brewery.  I had dried cranberries and a delicious beer for breakfast just like the Vikings intended.  Thor would approve.

In the station and underground, just the way I like it.

I headed over to lovely Kameari, home to the characters of the longest running manga in Japan, Kameari Park Precinct ( or Kochikame as those native to Nihon call it).  Kameari Park Precinct about the lives of police men and women in and around Kameari has been published since 1976 and it still runs today.
Inside the Ario Mall in Kameari, there is a replica of Kameari Park Precinct.  It's a great place for photo opportunities.  Visiting Kameari is almost like visiting Springfield if you are a Simpsons fan.

Goodbye for now from Ryo-san and I.

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