Sunday, November 23, 2014

Crystal Lake to Koenji

Pete Voorhees  here in killer vintage shop heaven, Koenji.  If you dig vintage clothes, one of a kind patches or vintage toys, Koenji's got you covered.

 Leon: the Professional next to the president from 24.

 It's the Boss Coffee Spokesman and the getting jiggy-with-it guy.
By the way, the new Boss commercials feature Tommy Lee Jones with Morita Kazuyoshi Hour: Waratte Iitomo! TV host, Tamori.
 T-1000 says, "dameyo dame dame."
 Boba and the Alien.
 They really nailed Dennis Rodman's hair.  Realistic!

Devilman shirt
Snake Plissken shirt

 This rad shop had a little bit of everything. 
Rockin' Jelly Bean did a good job designing these new Invisible Woman and Mystique statues.
Just down the street is more vintage shops and 2000 Toys, a large vintage toy shop specializing in toys from the West.

Hey Willie no problem, cmon in 2000 Toys.  I eat cats.
 Wow!  Check otut this rare Goonies Sloth action figure from Spain.
 Gremlins everywhere.
 Famous TV toys: South Park, Dexter's Laboratory and even Eureka's Castle.
It's getting dark in Tokyo.  More blog to come.


miyuki said...

Hi! I am miyuki!
Koenji is good!

Pete said...

Hi Miyuki,
It's your friend Pete. Thanks for taking me to Koenji. I had tons of fun. Thanks for checking out my blog too. :)