Monday, September 29, 2014

Rob Zombie's Great American Nightmare Scottsdale, Arizona

Good evening cousins from Rob Zombie's Great American Nightmare, a Hollywood quality special effects carnival for rock n' roll monsters.  Open from September 19th to November 1st. 

For more information about RZ's Great American Nightmare please click the link below.

 Step right up and take your pictures of ghouls of all shapes and sizes.

 When you play the sparks guitar everybody wins.  

 Spark it up!

 Rob Zombie played an face melting rock show on September 19 for opening night of his Great American Nightmare.

 He put on a show with famous monsters as his backdrop and a killer light show.

 I love a good t-shirt and Rob Zombie always puts out a nice spread at the merch tent.  Check it out homies.

 One last look at the stage.  Hi Frank!

 I took a few pictures outside and very few pictures inside of the 3 part haunted house that is the focal point of the GAN.  I wanted you to get the flavor but not ruin the surprise my cousins.

 Check out that boombox tiny E.  That thing is HUGE!


 After the Lords of Salem house in total blackout, you are treated to a side show area and then you are accepted into Captain Spaulding's Clown School.  The clown school is not a diploma mill and only graduates the sickest clowns this side of the nuthouse.  The 3D will blow your mind and get you psyched.

 Check out this great interview with Rob Zombie done by local news in Phoenix

 The third and final house is based on the Devil's Rejects and it includes this massive set of the Firefly's house.  I loved this wild house that incorporates all of your senses and turns into a maze just when you least expect it.

 Here I am communicating telepathically with my new friend who appears to be one of the Heads from Rob Zombie's upcoming movie, 31.  31 sounds like a good bloody time.  Kidnapped victums do battle with evil murderous clowns in a fight for their lives in the days before Halloween 1975.  The Running Man meets Clownhouse in a 70's setting.  Count me in.

If you want to contribute to Rob Zombie's production of 31, get involved at the link below.

Plenty of taxis available for you to get home safely from the Great American Nightmare.  See you again cousins.  Pete out!

Friday, September 5, 2014

Okinawa May 2014 part two

These Bart Simpson inspired napkins were everywhere in Okinawa.

Ube ice cream. おいしいかったです

One of the many shisas.

Old mailbox.

They had this big screen playing Ultraman. I guess you can help Ultraman fight kaiju if you pay a few yen. 

Okinawa has a fast, efficient and cheap (about 100 yen per stop) monorail. 

 Sleepy edamame taking a nap on a tatami mat.

Pineapple as far as the eye can see at Nago Pineapple Park.

A view from my hotel balcony  in Okinawa.

Look at the size of this chainsaw nosed fish.  He's huge!

Shisa's in Mario, Anpanman and Pikachu variety.

Orion Beer manta rays.  I can dig it.
Pete's wardrobe by Botany 500, I mean Uniqlo.  Don Adams' wardrobe by Botany 500.