Monday, June 30, 2014

Ginza and Skytree: random shots shots shots

My hero from Valley Girl and Wild at Heart selling some watches. You go Nic Cage!

Dude who has giant Snoopy&Charlie Brown now? Way cool display Uniqlo Ginza.

Ginza in the daytime from the drugstore's point of view.

I play tag in the auto-graveyard. I look up at the Tokyo Skytree. Cold metal!

Harajuku at night such a delight.

Kabuki theater in Ginza.

Showroom dummies at Uniqlo Ginza.

Otaku like me waiting for the new Sony Playstation outside the Sony Building in Ginza.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Naha, Okinawa

 Naha Airport is lovely in the daytime.

Typical tourist.
The first night of the tour in Okinawa we had some traditional Okinawa cuisine.  We had ribs with lots of fat apparently the way they prefer in Okinawa.
Delicious rice.

Cold fried vegetables with thin sliced pig's ear.

Where to next?

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Harajuku May 2014

 Back to Harajuku and that means a visit to Secret Base.  I had the privilege to take my friend to Secret Base for the first time.
 Awesome Pushead artwork!

 Erostika is next door to Secret Base.  Check out this rad Kill Bill poster.
 Rockin Jellybean had some new art on display and a new art book.  Check it out on the link below.

 I love the street art in and around Harajuku.  This sticker behind me features one of the most awkward moments of protest in TV history, Kanye West and Mike Myers on the Concert For Hurricane Relief.  Groovy baby.

 We dropped by Flamingo, the resale store.  They have some really exceptional vintage items in there.  I even saw some very old vintage Levi's.

 Meet me by the glowing yellow flamingo.
There's the bear in the window.  You know what that means.  See you next time.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Pringles Guy

I love the surprises that are waiting behind each corner in Japan. You might even meet the Pringles guy.

Will the real Mario please stand up?

Mario shills for Mercades now in Japan. Goombas beware.

Nakano Broadway, Mandrake and Psycho Monsterz

 Your cousin Pete is back in Japan again.  I'm behind the barrels again ready to tell you about a new neighborhood that my friend took me to.

Nakano. Home to many many cool otaku collectable shops and other cool stuff.

My posse's on Broadway, Nakano Broadway. Great food and rad shops await you.

Put on your "cool guy" face when you're having ramen in Nakano. :)

S&M Ted hangs out in the UFO machine.

Two wild and crazy guys!

The ceiling inside Nakano Broadway reminds me a bit of the Fremont Street Experience sans light shows.

Great photo ops everywhere except not all places are cool with you taking photos so when in doubt ask first. Shashin tottemo edesuka? (Pardon my poor Romanji)

Kawaii Ultraman

I love the lighted floors inside Nakano Broadway's famous Mandrake collectable shop.

Mazinger Z from all eras at Mandrake.

Great old pumping station signs adorn the Mandrake walls

My friend then took me to a rad shop called Psycho Monsterz, specializing in all the sci-fi and horror characters who have places in my heart.

Two wild and crazy guys!

The masks created in-house at Psycho Monsterz are works of art. 

This Alien Queen statue was large and in charge. 

I love this Predator 2 Alien skull replica. One day it shall be mine. I want thee!

For more info on Psycho Monsterz please visit: