Sunday, February 9, 2014

Japan February 2014

Hey ya!  It's your cousin Petey here.  I'm back in my second hometown and look at all the snow.  I heard that this is the most snow that Tokyo has had in 10 years.  I love it but what do I know I'm a weirdo.

I have taken a picture of this optometrist before but this time it is way snowy ne.

Again the barrels and I have a long history together but check out the yuki man!

In my own mind, I'm Wolverine with numerous arrows in my back shot down by ninja in a land I don't understand, in reality I'm carrying groceries.    

Yo check out all the snow that my wifey-chan and I shoveled.

It's so cold you can leave the cabbage on your steps.  Boo ya!  In your face refrigerator. 

It's the first time I had the cold weather staple, nabe.  My mama-chan makes killer nabe.  Dang it's got everything: little franks, pork, soba, onion, mushrooms of a mountain nature and a broth to write home about so I will. 

Time to get my exercise on to work off all that nabe.  Note the Ninja Turtle pants. Catch you later cousins. 

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