Sunday, February 9, 2014

Manga Kissa in Ginza

There is a rad manga kissa in Ginza.  Don't ask me how to find it but it's there.

Just pay the entrance fee and you can surf the web, read comics, watch free movies or sleep all you want.

Free drinks await you.  All the coffee, tea, water and soda you can drink are included. 

They even toss in wi-fi too.  Rock n' roll radio!

Ultraman and me.

Ultraman has always been an important person in my life.  Most inspiring figures in life have a history of fighting kaiju.  Lincoln is one such figure that comes to mind.

It's a delight to be in presence of greatness.  Thanks for the years of battling kaiju Ultraman.

Japan February 2014

Hey ya!  It's your cousin Petey here.  I'm back in my second hometown and look at all the snow.  I heard that this is the most snow that Tokyo has had in 10 years.  I love it but what do I know I'm a weirdo.

I have taken a picture of this optometrist before but this time it is way snowy ne.

Again the barrels and I have a long history together but check out the yuki man!

In my own mind, I'm Wolverine with numerous arrows in my back shot down by ninja in a land I don't understand, in reality I'm carrying groceries.    

Yo check out all the snow that my wifey-chan and I shoveled.

It's so cold you can leave the cabbage on your steps.  Boo ya!  In your face refrigerator. 

It's the first time I had the cold weather staple, nabe.  My mama-chan makes killer nabe.  Dang it's got everything: little franks, pork, soba, onion, mushrooms of a mountain nature and a broth to write home about so I will. 

Time to get my exercise on to work off all that nabe.  Note the Ninja Turtle pants. Catch you later cousins.