Sunday, December 29, 2013

Jerome Arizona 2013

The Spirit Room is a beautiful bar on the main street of my favorite town in the world, Jerome,AZ.
This lizard could be your friend!

Old propaganda posters await you in the former brothel, the House of Joy.  Enjoy!

 I have always wanted to rest my bones at the Hotel Connor.  Someday I will.

Greetings from my secret waterfall refuge.  A great place to watch Charles in Charge.

A rusted barrel watches you watch Charles in Charge.  Hey do you mind?

The Grand Hotel is haunted they say.  Haunted?  Haunted good I say.

Japan June 2013: Everything Shaped Like Mickey

Hold on to rings on the subway with Mickey
Tarts shaped like Mickey.
It was the anniversary of Tokyo Disney and elaborate sculptures shaped like Mickey were everywhere.

Even the burgers are Mickey-shaped.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Japan: 2013 Tako-yaki break

Time for a tako-yaki break in the park.  
After these messages we'll be right back.

Japan June 2013: Akihabara Station Toy Mueseum

 Akiba is such a rad neighborhood in Tokyo especially if you are a fan of manga and anime.  They even have awesome action figures on display in the subway.  Check out Mazinger Z.


The world famous Don Quijote from the outside.

 The streets near Taito Game Station.

Whoa a Marvel-type Team-up (all rights reserved) with the Suica Penguin and the Pasmo Robot.  Nice to see these fellows getting along.

Japan June 2013: Harajuku

Harajuku is marvelous by day and full of interesting sights.

Takeshita Street the most famous shopping street in Harajuku.

Outside of Secret Base the rad art gallery and shop.

Bounty Hunter is downstairs from Secret Base
Wow!  G-Shock has an Akira theme watch now. 

I love the stickers and graffiti in Harajuku.

My favorite part of Harajuku is when you can take a short walk from Takeshita Street and then find yourself in the forests of the Meiji Jingu.

Meiju Jingu is very peaceful and serene especially compared to the busy streets of Harajuku.
Loving on the soft serve ice cream cones that I meet.

Oh no!  Savage times for soft serve.

Not to worry my soft-served friend, I understand you telepathically.

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu makes an appearance in the form of a cardboard standee.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Tokyo: June 2013

Back in Tokyo and this time it's summer.

Lunch in Harajuku.  Pizza!

TLJ makes an appearance.
Whoa bro!  What are you doing out there?
Pepsi Nex: gangster heads with dinosaur bodies battle for control of the universe using hamburgers.

Awesome!  This would be perfect for my 80's era David Lee Roth costume.

Hey it's Kenshiro.  What are you doing in Akiba?  Happy 30th anniversary Hokuto No Ken.

Mazinger Z my friend you're a sight for sore eyes.  Genki desuka?

New Nagano friend.
Otosan how's the family?

Gropers piss off!

Headed to the public bath.

I love the Akihabara Gachapon Kaikan.  So many capsule toys so little time.
Wow!  A popcorn machine hanging out on the street.

I always wondered where the subway rocks come from.

More to come.