Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Tokyo: June 2013

Back in Tokyo and this time it's summer.

Lunch in Harajuku.  Pizza!

TLJ makes an appearance.
Whoa bro!  What are you doing out there?
Pepsi Nex: gangster heads with dinosaur bodies battle for control of the universe using hamburgers.

Awesome!  This would be perfect for my 80's era David Lee Roth costume.

Hey it's Kenshiro.  What are you doing in Akiba?  Happy 30th anniversary Hokuto No Ken.

Mazinger Z my friend you're a sight for sore eyes.  Genki desuka?

New Nagano friend.
Otosan how's the family?

Gropers piss off!

Headed to the public bath.

I love the Akihabara Gachapon Kaikan.  So many capsule toys so little time.
Wow!  A popcorn machine hanging out on the street.

I always wondered where the subway rocks come from.

More to come.

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