Monday, December 23, 2013

Random bits of Paris

More random pics of Paris at this stop.

 Horse statue near the Eiffel Tower.
 French Foreign Legion patrol around the Eiffel Tower stop for a quick picture with a tourist who shares their fashion sense.
The famous Louvre Pyramid.
 Visiting the Mona Lisa was like meeting Santa Claus.  Unreal!

I love Egyptian art and the Louvre has plenty.

"Les Fantômes du Louvre" (“The Ghosts of the Louvre”) by Enki Bilal

 I was stoked to visit UNIQLO near the Paris Opera.

A new Dali exhibit was in town but sadly I missed it.  I love the subway poster.

 Wild new Renault car designs endorsed by the Guettas.
Interesting line-up for the Main Square festival.

A striking Holocaust Memorial in Pere La Chaise Cemetary.

 Some joker added googly eyes to the posters in the Paris Metro.

 Louis Vutton and the elephant statue outside Muse De Orsay.

 I'm a huge Levi's freak and I was happy to see the new Auburn Shrink to Fit 501s in the display case outside of the Levi's Store on the Champs Elysées.

See you later amigos! Next stop Köln.

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