Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Levi's at Frankfurt Airport + downtown Frankfurt Levi's Store February 2013

The Levi's Store in the Frankfurt Airport had jars of red tabs, back patches, 501 buttons as well as copper rivets.  Something is so cool about seeing those raw materials in the jar.

(in James Bond-villian voice) I think, Mr. Bond, that you will find my evil plan to be...riveting! hahahahahahahahahahahaha ha

 Downtown Frankfurt has a rad multi-story Levi's store.
I love this red jeans movement for men.  My dad used to have a hat that he called his "go to hell hat" which if you didn't like it you could just go to hell.  Totally punk rock.  Red jeans are the epitome of "go to hell" jeans and I love it.

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