Saturday, December 21, 2013

Frankfurt February 2013: A case of the Rose Mondays

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Did you ever see such a thing!  I love to watch some Malcolm in the Middle in the mornings on German TV.

The streets of Frankfurt were chilly but my Uniqlo peacoat kept the cold out quite nicely.

I found a delicious new Asian fusion restaurant near My Zeil in the heart of downtown Frankfurt.
Zeil Pavilion | Zeil 92, 60313 Frankfurt am Main

T 069 21 65 56 65
F 069 21 65 56 66
 The yakisoba-type noodles with breaded chicken cutlet were great.  Give them a try.

I hopped on the Applewine Express again and went downtown.
 I knew my day would be interesting when I saw two disco dancers escorting a nun on  the train.  I accidentally found myself in the middle of "Rose Monday" which is part of the 40 days of festivities before Easter that Germany partakes in every year.
Everybody was out partying.  Check out these two kitties with their Katy Perry lady.
I ran into this rad couple from Tokyo who came to have fun at the festival.  I heard that Germans dress-up more for carnival than for Halloween.

I'm in love with the glass architecture of My Zeil.
My Zeil is open on Sunday for the festival so if you need a good free bathroom you know where to look.

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