Saturday, December 21, 2013

France February 2013: Paris to Torcy to Paris

Down your miniature Cokes my traveling friends!  It's time to go to Paris, France.

My friends in this blog I want to give you the whole picture, the beautiful and the bloody gross both.  This seat on the metro from the airport to the heart of Paris is the first thing that I saw.  Wow!  Paris has a lot of class and style but this scene is a pretty nasty first look of Paris' otherwise great public transit.
I asked the nice information guide at Charles De Gaulle for information to my hotel the Balladins Torcy in Torcy.  "Torcy, why would you want to go there," he said.  I would soon find out what he meant after a long train ride full of transfers to Torcy.  I ran into a really nice guy in Torcy who pointed me in the right direction.  Soon enough we arrived in Torcy.
 I got a great deal on my room at Balladins Torcy and after I arrived I figured out why it was so cheap.  Ranked 6 out of 6 on Trip Advisor, Balladins Torcy is a nightmare hotel.
I was greeted with a soiled bedspread in a walk-in closet sized room.  The door didn't lock behind me and when I asked for help from the front desk they copped an attitude and told me that it was my fault for not knowing how to work their "trick door" which needed to be pushed in and up when you lock it.
Hey guess what? Balladins Torcy is in the middle of nowhere with only one restaurant, a take-out only Domino's Pizza.
I guess when life gives you Domino's you just grin and order Les Mini Pancakes.

This is the scene of our romantic dinner on our last night at Balladins Torcy.  I was happy that the hotel has free wi-fi so that I could use Orbitz to book another hotel.

Don't be a stranger I have more blog posts for you in just a moment.

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