Monday, September 10, 2012

Last look back at Berlin

 Berlin Bear attack!
 Cruising down the Spree River.


 Check out Cover Music near Checkpoint Charlie for rad music and comic book shirts.

 I got a Silver Surfer shirt there.

 Beck's ran an interesting bottle design series.  Anton Corbijn designed one.

 Bloc Party designed this one.

Adios Berlin.  See you in Prague!

German Venue Posters plus Brandenburg Gate

 Iggy and the Stooges!

Wow!  There is a Starbucks everywhere even by the Brandenburg Gate.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Ramones Museum

 I'm a huge fan of the Ramones.  The first time I traveled out the country I wore a Ramones t-shirt for luck. Now it is a tradition to wear a Ramones shirt every time I fly.  Naturally, when I visited Berlin I had to stop by the world famous Ramones Museum.

 A canopy in the CBGB's classic style.

 If you love punk rock you have to give love to the Clash.

 There are so many awesome venue posters and history on the walls of the Ramones Museum it is possible to see things you might have overlooked on your first trip.  Good thing that you entry fee buys you a free beer and admittance to the museum for life.
 Famous bands have all signed the wall.  I even saw my friends in Andrew Jackson Jihad on the wall.  Phoenix pride!

 The Thermals, Strike Anywhere, Kepi Ghoulie, and even this little indie rock called Green Day signed the wall.  Green Day huh?  Never heard of them.

 Marky's shoes were on display.

 Joey's battle-damaged jeans!  An American Treasure!

 Set lists on the wall.  I'm pleased to see that they played the Spider-Man theme song so frequently.  I will never get to see the Ramones while I'm here on this spinning blue marble but that's alright.  What the Ramones gave me though their music can never be taken away. 
 Cool Pet Semetary poster.

 Johnny's jeans blue like the stripes on the American flag!

 A stand-up from my favorite album Rocket To Russia.

 Very dark picture but the lyrics written by Dee Dee Ramone to "Listen To My Heart" one of my favorite Ramones songs.  These lyrics once belonged to the famous Danny Fields who managed three of the best bands of all time: the Doors, the Stooges and the Ramones.

 The first album signed by all the original members.

 "Somebody's calling on the phone..."- Dee Dee Ramone.

 The Pinhead costume!  Yes!

 Ramones by the Berlin Wall and Dee Dee King's promo picture.

 Hey Ho!  Let's GO!

 A better look a Marky's sneakers.

These look like the claymation figures from the "Touring" video.

Checkpoint Charlie and the Berlin Wall (pieces)

Pieces of the Berlin Wall were on display outside of the Berlin Wall Museum.

 It's rad that you can now have a Corona on a fake beach a few steps away from where Checkpoint Charlie once functioned.

 From the American side.

On the Russian side.