Monday, February 27, 2012

Leo Ieiri 家入レオ

One of the awesome sonic discoveries I made when I visited Tokyo was Leo Ieiri. I have a taste for good J-Pop and Leo Ieiri has a rock garage sound with some Shibuya shine to it. I first heard her new single, "Sabrina" on ANA's Video Music Collection while I was flying. I then heard her new single played many times while walking the streets of Shibuya. Ieiri's sound reminds me of the Dead Weather and I love the crunchy fuzz bass lines.

At first I thought that Ieiri was saying, "samui na" as in "I'm cold." My fiancee's sister told me later that Ieiri is actually saying, "Sabrina."

You can get more info about Leo Ieiri at:

or hear "Sabrina" at her YouTube page at:

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cyclo said...

Found this really well made fan page on facebook O_O

I can't stop looping her songs!! And I'm even looping this video and can't wait for this to be released!!