Monday, February 27, 2012

How much is that Devilman in the window?

When I was in the Ueno area I went to a rad toy and novelty shop called Yamashiroya. I was attracted to the store because I saw this awesome Devilman action figure in the window.

You gotta love these crazy stickers man. Reminds me of the Black in San Diego.

1995 yen for this super articulated Kamen Rider seems like a steal!

Once I did find Devilman his 6500 yen price tag made me reconsider my purchase. It is a rad figure of Go Nagai's famous monster hero.

If you are near the JR station in Ueno, which is not a far walk from the Ueno Zoo, I recommend that you stop by Yamashiroya. They have seven floors of toys and novelties. They have everything from gashapon to replica Skytree salt shakers.

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