Monday, February 27, 2012

Drink-up Japan!

It wouldn't be a trip to Japan without an appearance from TLJ. I'm really stoked to see Men In Black 3: the Blackening. Should be fantastic. I like his horror film entitled the Company Men. Bone-chilling downsizing horror film. Boss Coffee is really good hot or cold from the machines.

I love all the great things to drink in Japan. Here is a look at the drinks that I had during my visit. Seen above is some delicious acerola juice. It tastes like cranberry juice and goes down smooth. Acerola is said to prevent scurvy which is a pirate ailment. If you are a pirate I recommend you drink acerola juice*.
*unsubstantiated claim/unlicensed medical advice

Here is a little good luck in your water which is only good luck if you don't drink it.

Match is a tasty little Mountain Dew/ Red Bull type drink from the makers of Pocari Sweat. It's a good izakaya drink if you add some Korean soju to it as the menu suggests.

I love how beer and soda comes in these mini-cans in Japan. This is just the perfect size for you to drink in the bathtub or to play the Mazinger Z drinking game.

Ah Fanta Orange we love you!

Look at how shiny my head is! Shiny mate!

Practice beer for the kiddies. Kids can drink up like salarymen and say, "this guy right here, he's the guy!"

Lifeguard is easily the best bionic drink on the market. It's bionic, man!

The blend coffee in Japan rules. Notice the option for "weak American" coffee in the lower right hand corner. That's the option for my dad who always orders whatever tastes like Folger's freeze dried. Different strokes for different folks. R.I.P. Gary Coleman.

I love me some Pocari Sweat. I don't sell-out because it's not punk rock to do so. However, I would gladly sell-out for a life-time supply of Pocari Sweat and a USA medium sized Pocari Sweat t-shirt. Are you listening Pocari Sweat.

Happy Vendo everyone!

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