Monday, February 27, 2012

Nikko Green Hotel FUWARI- Natsukashiya

While in Nikko, my fiancee and I stayed at the traditional Japanese hotel the Nikko Green Fuwari- Natukashiya. My room was in the shinpuu-tei section.

The rooms are nice and clean so prepare to take your shoes off at the front door.

Tanuki with his eight special traits.

Round one: fight!

Origami in the rooms adds something special to the ambiance.

You'll find a video arcade downstairs.

The next few posts will be about the awesome traditional food of Nikko Green Hotel Fuwari-Natsukashiya.

The English website for the hotel is:

And you don't stop!

Slippers for the toilet!

It's a man baby!
My new accountant and I pose for a picture.

Everyday normal kids toy: H.R. Giger's Killer Condom.

Eating At Home 2012

Ah the simple joys of eating in one's own house. I'm having some onigiri and yakitori with leeks in the weekly mansion that I rented in Minowa from Hikari Home.

Hikari Home always gives you a good deal on a weekly mansion. My apartment had a kitchen with a stove, microwave and toaster oven. Awesome! Thanks Hikari Home.

If you are interested in a weekly mansion in Japan contact Irina at:
Or visit the Hikari Home website at:

Sumo Sumo Sumo

When I was walking around Akihabara I ran into three sumo wrestlers-in-training. Japan is super awesome. If you ever want to feel small stand next to a sumo!

Sadie Hawkin's Day Valentine's Day

In Japan on Valentine's Day it is customary for the girl to give the guy chocolates. What a country! My fiancee's sister got me these cute chocolate bears complete with the Hill Valley Clock Tower.

I saw this awesome Ultraman and kaiju-friend Valentine's chocolate box set. Clearly a good choice for a dapper dan and not a stylin' sue but maybe I'm just supporting a gender stereotype.

My fiancee got me a nicey pack of delicious sembes that would make Hulk Hogan cry it was so awesome!

Just another moment brought to you by Tokyo

Atmosphere is everything and Tokyo's got it. Check out the waterfall in the bathroom.

Marvel at the Croc Kaiju!

How about some Evangelion pachinko?
(check out the ABC Mart Tokyo exclusive Air Force Ones)

Captain America's Yankee blue jeans now on DVD!

Travel Tip 1117: Don't shake hands with the monkey even if he seems like he just washed them. Just smile politely.

Safety in numbers. Buy in bulk!

Tom Cruise Mission Impossible pachinko anyone?

This is your cousin Pete saying, "stay hungry and play safe."


Check back for more blog posts later today.
Stay tuned for more Happy Days!

Schott NYC in Shibuya

I stopped by the Schott NYC store in Shibuya. There is no Schott store in my home state of Arizona. I ordered my Schott Perfecto 618 with the help of Jerri at Schott in New Jersey. The legendary Ramones inspired me to buy my jacket and it came in handy when it started to snow on my head in Shibuya. Thanks Schott for making the world's best leather jackets!

Schott East
6-23-1 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku
Tokyo, Japan
Phone # 81-35-778-9656

Contact Jerri at Schott to buy your own jacket. Tell 'em Pete sent ya!

Leo Ieiri 家入レオ

One of the awesome sonic discoveries I made when I visited Tokyo was Leo Ieiri. I have a taste for good J-Pop and Leo Ieiri has a rock garage sound with some Shibuya shine to it. I first heard her new single, "Sabrina" on ANA's Video Music Collection while I was flying. I then heard her new single played many times while walking the streets of Shibuya. Ieiri's sound reminds me of the Dead Weather and I love the crunchy fuzz bass lines.

At first I thought that Ieiri was saying, "samui na" as in "I'm cold." My fiancee's sister told me later that Ieiri is actually saying, "Sabrina."

You can get more info about Leo Ieiri at:

or hear "Sabrina" at her YouTube page at:

Shibuya Izakaya Watami

Shibuya is a wonderful sight at night even if the Umbrella Corporation is underneath the streets.

Tokyo has a Chelsea Hotel too if you don't feel like visiting the actual Chelsea Hotel while Sid and Nancy once stayed.

Another tourist in front of Shibuya 109. Get outta here gaijin!

Watami is a great chain of izakayas. Izakaya eating is good eating. You can get a little bit of everything for not much money. Watami has a happy hour too where the beer is cheap.

  • Address: 4F Satose Bldg., 13-8 Udagawacho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
  • Phone: 03/6415-6516

  • Hours: Sun.-Thurs. 5pm-3am, Fri. and Sat. 5pm-5am

  • Subway: JR Yamanote Line, Ginza and Hanzo-mon subway lines, Shibuya Station (Hachiko Exit for JR and Ginza, Exit 6 for Hanzo-mon).

This shio mackerel is moist and delicious.

The fried lotus root is like the salty crunchy cousin to USA's kettle chips. Try them!

Watami has an impressive menu that includes: sushi, french fries, grilled fish, fried sukiyaki nuggets and fresh Japanese style salads. Great for sharing.

Hachi! Great to see you my friend.

Drink-up Japan!

It wouldn't be a trip to Japan without an appearance from TLJ. I'm really stoked to see Men In Black 3: the Blackening. Should be fantastic. I like his horror film entitled the Company Men. Bone-chilling downsizing horror film. Boss Coffee is really good hot or cold from the machines.

I love all the great things to drink in Japan. Here is a look at the drinks that I had during my visit. Seen above is some delicious acerola juice. It tastes like cranberry juice and goes down smooth. Acerola is said to prevent scurvy which is a pirate ailment. If you are a pirate I recommend you drink acerola juice*.
*unsubstantiated claim/unlicensed medical advice

Here is a little good luck in your water which is only good luck if you don't drink it.

Match is a tasty little Mountain Dew/ Red Bull type drink from the makers of Pocari Sweat. It's a good izakaya drink if you add some Korean soju to it as the menu suggests.

I love how beer and soda comes in these mini-cans in Japan. This is just the perfect size for you to drink in the bathtub or to play the Mazinger Z drinking game.

Ah Fanta Orange we love you!

Look at how shiny my head is! Shiny mate!

Practice beer for the kiddies. Kids can drink up like salarymen and say, "this guy right here, he's the guy!"

Lifeguard is easily the best bionic drink on the market. It's bionic, man!

The blend coffee in Japan rules. Notice the option for "weak American" coffee in the lower right hand corner. That's the option for my dad who always orders whatever tastes like Folger's freeze dried. Different strokes for different folks. R.I.P. Gary Coleman.

I love me some Pocari Sweat. I don't sell-out because it's not punk rock to do so. However, I would gladly sell-out for a life-time supply of Pocari Sweat and a USA medium sized Pocari Sweat t-shirt. Are you listening Pocari Sweat.

Happy Vendo everyone!