Sunday, January 22, 2012

Kraftwerk at Lenbachhaus- Kunstbau

Kraftwerk provided mannequins of themselves that respond to the music.

Kraftwerk is easily one of my favorite bands. It was such a treat to see their awesome 3D music installation at Lenbachhaus-Kunstbau:[tt_news]=176&tx_ttnews[backPid]=1&L=1


If you ever wanted to see a castle that Prince Charming might have lived in, Neuschwanstein would be it.

Much has been written about King Ludwig II and his famous castle. He used to party with Wagner and he wore a cape! King Ludwig was very good at being himself. I admire someone so genuine.

The first castle I have ever visited was a grand castle. The good King Ludwig II created Neuschwanstein castle that stands a tribute to his love of storybook castles, his faith and his love of music. He even built a cool "cave room"that Bruce Wayne would admire.

More information about Neuschwanstein can be found at this link:

Levi's 25 hour hotel Frankfurt

Check out those neon jeans!

Go forth!

I highly recommend the Levi's Hotel in Frankfurt. The staff is helpful. The buffet is top notch. The rooms are very comfortable and stylish.

I was in room 207.

Each floor is a different theme. My L-sized room (from 122 Euros) was a jazz themed room.

Book a room in the Levi's Hotel Frankfurt at the link below:

Movie and venue posters in Germany 2011 edition 2

A MAD Magazine style ad for the Rothenburg o.d.T Criminal Museum.

A mind bending ad for a Dali show at Galerie Trebchen in Austria.

Andy Warhol graffiti. Rad!

Everyone knows that the best way to promote a Lou Reed/ Metallica album is outside of an awesome pizzeria in Munich.

Executioner Tour in Rothenburg ob der Tauber

Look at my drinking vitamin enriched juice from the carton next to this evil looking poster. METAL!!!

The friendly neighborhood Executioner ran into each other at Rothenburg o.d.T's best sushi restaurant. He has a English speaking tour of the darker side of Rothenburg that explores witchcraft and demons everyday from 7PM to 8PM.

He is the friendly guy with an axe that I've ever met. Totally METAL to the core. I love it!

You can book a tour with the Executioner himself at the website below:

Movie and venue posters in Germany 2011 edition

Achtung Baby!

Tower Heist is Aushilfsgangster in Germany.

That Anne Hathaway movie hasn't even come out in the USA yet. I've never seen an ad for it in the USA. It's called One Day in the USA.

We are poems. That's deep man.

Kraftwerk had an amazing 3D exhibit in Munich. More on that later.

Wilco was playing a short German tour and so was Batman!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Always remember dear friends: German Beer is Strong like Bull

A liter of Edelstoff, pork knuckle and potato dumplings. Yum!


The Augustiner in Munich serves the finest beer in the land. My walking tour guide from Sandeman's New Munich walking tours (which I recommend) suggested that I have lunch at the Augustiner. I had a liter of Edelstoff, which according to my tour guide is the beer that the Pope drinks. Being a good Catholic, I had to give it the old college try. My lunch really hit the spot. I tell ya that beer was as strong as it was delicious and it was mighty delicious.

More info about the good folks at the Augustiner at:

Cmon ride the train

Munich's main station was bustling all day long.

You have to remember to get your Red Bull Cola on in the early morn. The station attendant's are really helpful and friendly. Sometimes they don't speak English but they have severely rad mustaches to make-up for it.

The Apple Wine Express in Frankfurt was fun to ride around town in. You get some pretzels and an apple wine as soon as you board this Yellow Submarine-type street car. Talk about service! All for 5 Euro a person. I caught the Ebbelwei-Express at the Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof. More info at

Hey I know you from the train! You're Pete, right?