Sunday, April 3, 2011

Man or Astroman? at the Casbah 2011

The Casbah in Little Italy is very cool. The airplanes seem very close when they zoom by.

Birdstuff on stage delivering his famous stage banter.

Man or Astroman? has always been very cool and generous to their fans. Birdstuff has talked to me at every Man or Astroman? since I first saw them in 1997. I got to tell Birdstuff and Star Crunch that they are more important to me than the Beatles. I was never the same after seeing them live at Boston's in Tempe in 97.

Birdstuff told me that he still has the Man or Astroman? Painting that I gave him in 2001. What a complement!

Casbah tips:
-Buy a hotel room at a nearby hotel if you plan to see a show at the Casbah. The hotels are all within a reasonable walking distance or a $7-10 cab ride away.

- If you come early to a show and they will not let you in you have some options for near-by food and things to do. Some places to eat include: a Subway across the street, a fancy Mexican food restaurant about a block away and a parking garage with vending machines nearby.

-Casbah has two bars inside with video games in the back if you don't enjoy the opening band.
The Octopus Project was the opening band for Man or Astroman? and I really enjoyed their set but not every opening act can be an amazing one.

-After the show, you have lots of options for bars to hop but if you are in the mood for late night food a Denny's is a 15 minute walk from the Casbah.

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