Friday, November 5, 2010

Until next next time Tokyo!

Hachiko and I are waiting for something to come through. I'm hoping we'll write a real sweet tune!

Baobab Pepsi is not baobab. Nori chips belong in my stomach 24/7. Delicious!

Dr. Grant! You said they were veggie-saurus!

Kita-Senju I love you!

Until next time, keep your eyes to the skies and don't bother with the disguise!

Mets Soda

Every I passed the vending machine that sold Mets soda. Everyday I told Yuka, "I need to pick up a Mets soda for my awesome Chiropractor, Dr. Jacobsen." I would tell myself that I would pick it up tomorrow everyday. Until finally on the last day I remembered to buy it and the machine was on the other side of the train station. I took a picture to prove that Mets soda exists. If only I didn't fear the third rail...

This just in! Snoopy Suffers from Exhaustion in Tokyo! News at 11!

Sake ad!

Life is like a sake ad! I saw this cool window display every night in Kayabacho.

Daddy where do t-shirts come from?

Check it out. Uniqlo has an amazing t-shirt capsule system! Adam showed you his t-shirt capsule from the Evangelion shirt that I bought him in his blog. Here is a picture of the Uniqlo capsules in the store in Harajuku. Very cool, eh?

You take a look at the shirts on the showroom floor and find the capsule that coordinates with the shirt you picked out. It would be even cooler if Uniqlo had a vending machine for these shirts!

Return to Akiba!

The area outside of the Uniqlo in Akihabara.

Watch yourself Doc, here comes Petey Kabuto!

Don't get personal Space Invaders!

Dawn of the Dinosaurs in Roppongi Hills

I love me some dinos. Yuka-san suggested this great Dawn of the Dinosaurs exhibit at the Mori Hills Museum in Roppongi Hills. Very worth it.

Yuka is a good photographer old chum. Look at that sloth. He has a mouth and he must scream!

Mister Donut in Shimokitazawa/ Yankee Blue Jeans Workless in Resale

Mister Donut in Shimo was amazing, Spider Man! In like a lion and out like a lamb, these mini donut packs were tasty and cheap. Unlimited coffee too!

I sold these clothes at Flamingo, a cool vintage clothing store, for about $6.75 American. About enough to cover this yummy Hobbit lunch for Yuka-san and I. It's alright. Those were old clothes anyway.

I aint crying Charlie!

Pete for Ultraman Soda

Didn't Yogi Berra say, "I like Ultraman Soda cause I like it"?

I could have sworn he did. That delicious soda was everywhere. Yuka-san said that it's basically Coke but with Ultraman packaging. It's still rock n' roll to me. I DO want to be buried in a Pet Sematary if if means that I get to drink more Ultraman soda. Thanks for your time folks.