Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Hotel Kawai-en and Yunessun

Hotel Kawai-en is a mountain hotel resort. It had a really nice mori no yu which is a private onsen with the sexes separated.

They had owls...
I can't believe they allowed me to stay in their lovely hotel with my Dr. Fate shirt on.

Yuka-san and I had a wonderful buffet brunch and hit the hot tub water park called Yunessun. They had all these crazy huge onsen hot tubs with different smells: coffee, green tea, sake, strawberry wine and original recipe. Plus, they had water slides, roman baths, a huge inside onsen that had a rain storm every 60 minutes and a foot path of destruction. None of which I took pictures of. You have to take Cousin Pete's word for it.

The green tea onsen was the best!

Why did I take pictures of the signs? Well... cameras were discouraged inside the water park.

Once I left my board shorts smelled funky like Bootsy Collins' bass riffs in the 70's. I think it was the pizza onsen that did it.

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