Monday, May 3, 2010

Who is my boss?

What on earth? I love this Darth ad campaign but I can't figure out what they are selling.

Who cares?

I love Japan.


Kendra said...

WOW! Aren't you tired? When do you sleep? I am really enjoying the updates! I feel like I'm there with you. Can't wait to see UoP in Japan!! Kendra

Adam16bit said...

Phones, I believe, are Docomo's deal. I dunno if the notion of a phone company being a) your boss and b) a being if significant evil is the best, but hey, it's Vader!

Pete said...

Kendra! I'm sleeping?

I'm really glad you like the updates. This trip is going great. Give love to everyone at the office for me. I will have presents when I get back.

Adam, I have thought about you on this trip constantly. Toy run in Akihabra next time. I went to a store today that was like a toy mueseum.

I bought an Alien figure for $25 that was super detailed!

Wouldn't Darth's boss be Darth Sidious?

Mark Z. said...

Hey Petey!!!
Everything looks amazing so far, I'm jealous I couldn't make it down with you. I will miss you tomorrow as first Friday rolls around but will feel alright knowing you're in a better place hehe.

Vader can not be controlled by any boss, except maybe the rhythm, bow chick a wow wow.

P.S. my word verification was Doodu lol thought I'd share since it made a funny.

Pete said...

Haha that's a sweet new word "doodu." It would be a good name for a cola too!

Yeah our First Friday streak was broken. Next FF we will have to hit it up for sure.

I found the Darth ad on Youtube: