Saturday, May 8, 2010


One of my favorite aspects of Tokyo city life was the abundance of vending machines. They are almost all drink based. I saw such drinks as: sake, beer, cold green teas, cold coffee, hot coffee, Gatoraide, Apple milk, coffee with milk, C.C. Lemon, Tea's Tea and Ultraman cola.

The drinks were typically $3 for beer or sake and $1 for everything else.

My neighborhood had several gentlemen getting their "vendo" on by drinking in public. However, the homeless in the area were benign and didn't even panhandle.

The vending machines were like night lights when I took midnight strolls with my Ipod.

My favorite Japanese drink would be Pocari Sweat which is like Gatoraide. It was perfect for replenishing fluids during the more humid days. I had about two P Sweats a day. Next time maybe Pocari Sweat will sponsor my trip to Japan.

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Case said...

So Pocari is still sweating, huh? I remember the day you bought Jeremy and I that beverage on our lunch break. It was like a Gatorade with a pinch of salt...not bad at all. I loved your discription of the vending machines being like night lights on your late ipod strolls. You know I was should somehow fit a Japan trip in your book have so many cool descriptions from it. Oh and will the sign with the little girl fit in your luggage because I think it's essential that you own it forever.