Friday, May 7, 2010

University of Phoenix on the Yokosuka Naval Base

It was a major surprise to be invited to the University of Phoenix campus in Yokosuka. First off, I would like to thank Dr. George Love and Dr. Thomas Hawks for arranging this very special tour. I appreciate all your time and help.

Second, it looks like I am wearing two ties in all my pictures. Jeremy, when I get back I need to attend your necktie improvement seminar (congrats on the new daughter too! I'm excited to see pictures).

Yokosuka is one of the largest American Naval Bases in the world. It houses both single Navymen and their spouses. It is also the berthing of the USS George Washington carrier. America! Heck yes (sorry this is a PG blog).

GW and 2 ties! Sweet!

My guide for this trip was program coordinator, Ms. Sayuri Anderson. Sayuri-San enrolls for only Masters as stipulated by the contract with the base. At the Yokosuka base their are only two UOP representatives: Sayuri and Jeff.

Sayuri took me on a drive around the base and I was surprised to find that Yokosuka is like a small American city. It has all the amenities that an American family could want including a movie theater (tickets for $2 and a bowling alley). It even has a high school and football field!

Sayuri-San's students are active military and spouses.

This next part might only be interesting for those in the UOP West Coast so bear with me. Sayuri said that the TED programs are very popular. They offer Master of Arts in Education/ Special Education, Elementary, Secondary and Early Childhood. All three are Arizona-based and offer an Arizona credential.

Sayuri told me that the program is designed for the students to do their 100 hours of observation and 12 weeks full time student teaching on the Yokosuka base with a supervising teacher. Pretty cool!

The classes are small. The finance class that was being held shortly after I left was comprised of only 7 cohort students.

The MBA program is the most popular with the Navy men but the TEDs are most popular with their spouses.

This is a picture of mysterious Monkey Island. I don't know anything about it is so mysterious.

I feel honored to check out my brothers and sisters at the UOP Yokosuka and it was a honor to represent UOP's Phoenix main campus, the West Coast and Team Cluff!

Thanks again Sayuri and Jeff!


Marty McFly, Jr. said...

2 ties. Back to the Future 2 style. Japan is always ahead of the game. "Your jacket is now dry".

Kendra said...

I think you have made us all want to go to Japan and check it out Petey!! Joe and I were still sitting here waiting for you to give us an inexplicit shout out :)

See you soon! ~ Kendra

Pete said...

Thanks Joe and Kendra.

The 2 tie approach is very Back to the Future 2. Akihabra felt a bit like the really dirty version of part two.

Adam16bit said...

But what is the secret of Monkey Island?