Monday, May 10, 2010

Uniqlo shirts

I picked up these cool Ultraman and Manzinger Z t-shirts at the Uniqlo shop at Narita Airport. Uniqlo is like Old Navy and specializes in cool inexpensive clothing.

Ultraman and Manzinger Z were part of the Heroes of the World t-shirt collection. Other heroes include: Superman, Indiana Jones, Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, Solid Snake and Spider Man.

There were Uniqlo shops all over Japan, but sadly there is only one right now in the USA and it's in New York.


VintageCollector said...

How do they fit? I normally wear a large t-shirt. Would I need L or XL in Uniqlo. PS. I have my eyes on their men's Indiana Jones shirt.

Pete said...

Hi VintageCollector,

The shirts all have to be sized-up. I wear a medium in the USA so I wear a L in Uniqlo's sizes. It's sort of like buying UK sized shirts.

That Indiana Jones shirt is pretty awesome. If you check ebay you might be able to buy some without having to travel to NY or Japan. I got a Devilman shirt on there for $30 with shipping.