Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Some food from Japan

The food in Japan was awesome! I don't think I ever had a bad meal.

This Tonkatsu was tender and juicy. The rice was sticky and delicious and the miso soup was awesome.

Sushi in Japan is just as good as you would imagine. One big difference was that the wasabi was on the inside of the sushi not on the side.

This is some kind of rice pudding which I didn't like very much but Yuka really enjoyed.

For good cheap and fast food, Yoshinoya was the deal. Soup, salad and a beef rice or noodle bowl for $4. Good times.

Stir-fried beef bowl from Yoshinoya.

Even the karage chicken at the airport was great!

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Robbblog said...

I miss Yoshinoya in Kita-Senju where i used to teach for NOVA school.