Monday, May 3, 2010

May 3rd Harajuku and Shibuya

I started my day walking around Kita-Senju. It's got a lot of nice shops and it's not too crowded. The people are very friendly.
We met near the train station and took a 45 minute train ride to Harajuku.

I had heard about this 5 story toystore called Kiddyland. I've heard many things about it actually. One rumor I had heard was that it had one story of kids stuff and 4 of 'adult' stuff. It turns out that all 5 stories are for kids. One floor was all Hello Kitty, another all Lego and Playmobile, one story was Dragonball type stuff, another was all Disney. Yuka really liked the Disney floor. There was an all Spoopy floor too.

Adam I saw this wall scroll there that you might have liked. It was like a Star Wars cloth wall scroll like I saw at the shrine later. I didn't get it because I figured you wouldn't have much use for a wall scroll though.

We checked out a shrine which was a quiet as the streets of Harajuku was noisy. It was calm and peaceful but filled with crazy teenage cosplayers. I put a few pictures in there but I didn't put in the one with the dude dressed-up as a school girl. It was far too disturbing and I feel that he wasn't dressing-up to get his kids back or move into affordable housing like we do in America.

We had udon noodles and those buns with meat in them for lunch. I had the macha (green tea) ice cream for dessert. Delicious!

After the shrine we walk around Harajuku for awhile. I went to the Levi's store and saw $250 to $500 Levi's that I didn't buy. However, I did get a really cool belt (that is not pictured here).

Call me cheap but I can't ever justify buying Levi's for $500.

I checked to see if they still had Levi's button covers but they have been sold out for 6 months. Bummer.

I got to see Shinjuku on the way to the train station. Shinjuku is so busy. I think it's the station that Bill Murray walks out of in the movie Lost in Translation.

I saw the statue of Haciko, the loyal dog that died waiting on it's master at the station but he never came. The story of Haciko is inspiring because the dog completed what he set out to do which was wait for his master at any cost. It reminds me of that really sad Futurama episode with the dog that dies waiting for Fry to come back. So sad!

Hey noticed the hipster Japanese guy in the background drinking a beer and probably thinking,"what is this crazy Gaijin doing?"

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