Sunday, May 2, 2010

May 2nd Ginza

Yuka and I took a trip in the Ginza prefecture. Wolverine fans (all 2 of you) will recognize Ginza as the place where Logan was dumped out after his fight with Shengen.

The day was lovely. We hung out and had pizza and then watched Alicei in Wonderland in 3D which was excellent. Did you know they serve beer at the movies in Japan?

I ran into some kids with Arizona jerseys so I gave them some smashed pennies from Rawhide. It was nice to even see the word "Arizona." Yuka translated for me during the whole thing.

"What did the mom say," I asked Yuka.

"She was surprised," replied Yuka.

I'm working on my Japanese but so far I can only say "thank you" in the polite way.

Today I'm checking out Harajuku with Yuka. I assume that I will meet Gwen Stefani sometime today.



Anonymous said...

Haha. Love the 3D glasses pic (+beer!).

- Scott

Nancy said...

Good to hear from you again. Looks like you are having fun! Be safe.
xoxo m&d

Anonymous said...

Peter, hilarious! I hope you are having a great time man! TBone!

Pete said...

Thanks Scott.

Thanks Mom. I will.

T-Bone word!