Saturday, May 1, 2010

May 1st

Wow on the way to my hotel from Ueno station and I got my Axel Foley on started talked to a cute girl on the subway! I got a date my first night in Tokyo.

Her name is Yuka and we at this fancy place called Denny's!

The menu was very different from the American Denny's. I had the tonkatsu pork and Yuka had the pork and curry. Yuka ordered me the awesome Melon soda which is Godzilla green and tastes awesome.

Yuka spoke flawless English with an Australian accent. She studied in the USA and Australia.

Today I'm going back to see a movie and maybe the Imperial Palace.


Nancy said...

Dad said WP! Great pictures cute girl! Have fun stay safe. xoxo M&D

Pete said...

Thanks Mom! Yuka is really sweet and nice. It's really fortunate that I talked to strangers on the train.

Kendra said...

HEY PETEY!!! Billy and I are racing to comment first! I win I win!

can't wait to read on!!

I heart petey! Kendra

mr. pineapple man said...

was blog surfing and found ur site, and had to leave a comment: your parents are so cute! I can't believe ur mom can leave a message...cuz mine can't :)

Patrick Bateman said...

Sip green.

Pete said...

Thanks Kendra!

Billy and you were racing? You mean Bill Norton?

Thanks for checking out my blog Mr. Pineapple Man. Yeah my parents are very cool. It's great even my grandma is posting!