Tuesday, May 4, 2010



Billy said...

looks like you are having alot of fun out there Petey :)

Case said...

Petey!!! It looks like you are having a great time and Yuka is adorable. I love how you can collide movies with travel and remember what happened where in Japan from every movie haha. Keep living the dream!
p.s. Jeremy thinks your avacado plant is dying but don't worry, I'm giving it lots of love and gave it a refreshing drink today.

Grandma said...

Hi Pete, how's Texas? Have you run into President Bush yet? Needed money for ramen noodles, sold your t-shirts!!!! Love, Grandma

Ted Nugent said...

If you see President Bush, have some Pabst Blue Ribbon beer bongs and Jimmy Dean sausage for me!

Pete said...

Thanks cousin! I will bring you back something cool.

Case! I'm so fortunate to have found Yuka. She's been so kind to me this whole trip. Plus she is cute and way smarter than me which helps.

Thanks for watering my plant too. The leaves on the bottom fall off so that the ones on the top will grow.

Grandma, Texas is just fine. Lots of Shiner Bock and plenty of tacos!

I love you Grandma. You sold my t-shirt collection? That's cool.

I did run into Bush and he was the most relaxed I've seen him in years.

Nuge! Done and done!