Sunday, September 13, 2009

Calling Hong Kong!

Bruce Lee's statue is located on the Hong Kong Walk of Fame which is very similar to the Hollywood Walk of Fame. I love Bruce Lee and appreciate his creativity and charisma as an artist. Game of Death wouldn't be the same without Bruce Lee. Lee is easily as famous in Hong Kong as he is in America.

That's the Hong Kong Harbour behind me.

Density is one word I would use to describe Hong Kong. Since I'm a super nerd 2000, I will tell you that I thought of Judge Dredd's MegaCity1 when I first arrived in HK. I kept that observation to myself...until now.

Growing up I remember reading, "Made In Hong Kong" on all my favorite action figures. The mysterious city of Hong Kong were always destined to meet. Now that I've been to HK, I want to go back.

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