Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Movies in China

"I like movies cause I like 'em." -Yogi Berra

I agree with my second favorite baseball player of all time when he made that statement.

When I was in Guangzhou I watched some fantastic movies.

Two movies I had already seen: Wolverine and Star Trek.

One was new: Blood Brothers.

When I visited Beijing Road, Candy and I saw Wolverine. Two tickets to an afternoon matinee was 80 RMB or $11. Pretty cheap.

In China, the movies have assigned seating which is weird.

Smoking is everywhere in China, including restaurants which is weird for me because Phoenix has a smoking ban. I don't smoke and it's kind of new for me to have people smoking everywhere. I was glad that the movies were no smoking.

Trailers are shown in the movie lounge before the movie. I saw a preview for John Rabe a movie about the Rape of Nanking with an all German and Chinese cast plus Steve Buscemi.

The concessions at the movies are a bit different too. At Bejing Road there was McDonalds, KFC, Chinese food and also a more traditional type cinema concession stand. Outside food is tolerated.

The best part of the experience is that the popcorn in China is like Kettle Corn that you would get at the State Fair. Delicious!

Wolverine was great. I'm a huge Wolverine nerd, so this made the third time I saw it. Oddly enough, because I saw the movie before I noticed that in China scenes were missing.

The part where Striker and Wolverine talk in the hospital was much shorter than the first time I saw it. Maybe this scene showed authority in a bad light.

A day later, a young guy on a mo-ped was selling copies of movies that are still in theaters. I guess this is kind of old hat now that we have bit torrents and so forth. Bootleggers are still crawling around though.

Blood Brothers was this great Hong Kong action/drama that was produced by director John Woo (the Killer/FACE/Off and Hard Target).
I watched it on Guangzhou TV when Candy was sick with a cold. What a good time! I just went down to the 24 Mart, bought some water, chips and Tsing Tao beer. Beer and potato chips are universal. Cinema makes me feel at home.

Blood Brothers was all in Mandarin, so it gave me a change to learn some vocabulary. I learned how to say older and younger brother. It was a really solid gangster movie.

Star Trek is great. The Chinese audience I saw Star Trek with totally loved it. What's more American than Star Trek. People often pass off Star Trek as the domain of nerds, but Star Trek is popular with everyone especially in America. You can't tell me that a Captain Kirk bar fight is un-American!

Again, some scenes were cut from the movie. Star Trek was missing the scene where Spock was fighting with his schoolmates. They cut the part where the elders separate them.

The mall where we saw Star Trek was seven stories high. Awesome! There was an Indiana Jones mine cart ride near the theaters. I totally wanted to ride it but we ran out of time.

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