Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Kung Fu

I was surprised to see the very cool Bruce Lee-themed restaurant, Kung Fu, on my trip to Beijing Road in Guangzhou.

Being a big fan of the late great Bruce Lee, I was eager to try the food.

Before lunch, Kung Fu serves noodles and meat in a soup. I had pork and Candy had Chicken. I would have liked the pork to be a bit more cooked. The meat was served pink and chewy.
I had some lemon Pepsi with the lemon monster on the bottle which I got a kick out of.

I ended up ordering rice after the clock struck ten. I mostly ate noodles and rice. Noodles with chopsticks is a challenge, try it sometime. Candy was very good at it.

I also tried Kung Fu in the late afternoon a day later. Candy had some delicious pork and I had beef. This beef was of the mystery variety. However, I ate most of it.

Each entree was served with a soup that consisted of cuts of meat (pork, chicken, and beef) in a chicken stock and a small salad with an orange dressing. I avoided the salad because I was advised not to eat salad by my travel doctors at World Travel Health (top notch place by the way, if you need shots Contact Dr. Laura at (602) 863-3433) .

Kung Fu was very inexpensive. I think the cost was like 70 RMB for both of us. Not too shabby.

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