Monday, May 25, 2009

Travel Tip #187

When traveling abroad remember that international flights are very different than city bus-like experience on a domestic flight.

For one, you have all the movies, video games, TV shows and music you could ever want to watch available on demand for FREE. Not to mention all the booze you can handle, even sake bombs!

Nothing is quite like drinking Japanese beer at 10AM and watching Yes,Man on your own personal TV in a safe environment.

Insane! I felt like a kid on Christmas morning when I found out these little details. My seat mates were shocked that I had never taken an international flight before.

A word to the wise, get up and stretch out at least once between movies. I skipped the exercise on the first 12 hour flight and did the Frankenstein walk for a few hours after the flight.

One last airport tip: if you check a bag you only have to check it once. When you arrive at your destination, your bag will be waiting for you. I checked my bag in Phoenix and picked it up in Baiyun Airport in Guangzhou.

I didn't have any pictures from the the airport, I was too busy taking my shoes off for security.
Instead, I included pictures of the official Guangzhou mascots, the Five Goats. I think their names are Bashful, Snap, Crackle, Pop and Larry from Three's Company. Good guys those goats.


Jere is Cool said...

I LOVE the five goats! hahahaha

CalamityAnnie said...

Nice! Those looked like Hello Kitty at first =)