Thursday, May 28, 2009

Guangzhou Zoo

Oh the Guangzhou Zoo was so cool!

2.5 million visitors can't be wrong.

Notice the University of Phoenix shirt. I was doing my part to get the brand out there.

Hey hey here's some monkeys! I believe them to be golden monkeys, but I'm not sure.

This is a killer crab of the deep sea variety. Candy told me that it kills man. If you are ever in the ocean and see him crawling, be polite!

In China no holds are barred. I was about 80% sure this cage was locked, so I took this picture while I continued walking.

Bears are at least 50% more lazy in China.

Get a job hippies!

Cheetah you are not eating any Cheetos like in the commercials. Where's your Ray Bans?
Black panther, you are even more lackluster than the Marvel comics hero of the same name. Way to go big cats!

Shark has gone to Cheeba Hut for a pinner and is sleeping on the job.

Sea turtles we love you!

Ape has never shot ape!

Bird on faux lake.

Mermaid show 2000.

The fish on the right stole my wallet. The blue fish on the left watched him do it. Which one is really worse...

Fish haiku by Peter S.

Yellow fish swimming
looking for some food to eat
rock n' roll high school

Are we done? Not we're done. Thanks for checking out this zoo post.

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Calamity Annie said...

Har har har! Dude. You are seriously the funniest man ever. I pity the fish who stole your wallet. Love the haiku.