Thursday, May 28, 2009

Cowboy in China

Ni Hao!

When I was shopping on Beijing Road I was surprised to find a Levis store in the five story mall.

I tried a pair on and felt that they were a little tighter than the usual 501s and more expensive too.
The pair I tried on were 799 RMB or about $100 American. I've never paid $100 for Levis in my life. This blew me away. Who is buying $100 Levis.

I snapped a picture of the Chinese Levis Cowboy and left the store.

After leaving the store I saw a bunch of ads for Levis Indigo on buses downtown.

By the way, jeans in Mandarin translate out to "cowboy pants." For some reason I loved that.

Here's a picture of me wearing Candy's Crocs in her apartment while my Cons dried.

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