Sunday, May 31, 2009

Beijing Road aka Zhongshan Wu Rd.

Candy and I took a cab to the famous Beijing Road or Zhongshan Wu Road as it's called. The cab ride was only about $7-10 bucks. I wish taxis in Phoenix were that cheap.

First we stopped at Candy's apartment. Here is a view from her window.

I love the aging buildings in Guangzhou. I love that new buildings will be erected right next to the old ones. The pictures from Beijing Road itself will give you a better sense of the new and the old living next to each other.
Near Candy's house, she had a lot of small restaurants and produce markets.

At Candy's apartment I found that I could check my Hotmail account and bank account but my blog was blocked by China's firewall.
What happens when you are blocked isn't too exciting. You simply get a "page not found," message.

We went to Beijing Road and had a look around. What an impressive place. Beijing Road has a lot of the same shops that you would find at Scottsdale Fashion Square (Levis, Lacoste, and so forth).

Again there was a Las Vegas feel to new buildings and a very ancient feel to the old buildings. Often times I noticed familiar faces on the billboards. You can almost make out Zhāng Zǐyí from Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon there in the background.

The mall at Beijing Road is five stories tall and very impressive looking.

I saw this crazy looking ad on Beijing Road and Candy immediately said, "Wow he looks just like you."

The coolest thing about Beijing Road is that part of the original road has been preserved.

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