Tuesday, May 26, 2009

7 Days Inn

The hotel that I stayed at was pretty fly. It was called the 7 Days Inn and mostly catered to the locals. Candy reserved the room for me but I'm pretty sure a room could be reserved through elong, the hotel website. The address for the 7 Days Inn that I stayed at was Yuexiu District LuHu Road #5, B Zuo.

Candy pointed out many times that the people in the elevator spoke Xiang, which is spoken in her hometown the Hunan province. Candy watched this really weird Xiang cartoon on TV. I don't know the name of the show but it kind of resembled South Park. The animation was really crude and the audio sounded like it was recorded live with a studio audience with scratchy microphone and really lame sound effects. Every show ended with Kool and the Gang's "Jungle Boogie" from Pulp Fiction, which was cool. I haven't been there but maybe Hunan is like South Park, Colorado.

The hotel was only thirty U.S. dollars a night. The bed was very hard but it was a queen. The bed is a little shorter on the sides than I am used to but it was comfortable.

The hardwood floors were very nice. The shower always had hot water and the air conditioning worked perfectly which was a necessity in the humid rainy Guangzhou weather.

The location was near a UPS store, a building under construction, a shady office building (which is another story) and the great 24 Mart.

The hotel was only a $2 cab ride from the zoo and only a $7 dollar cab ride from the Beijing Road shopping center.

Big ups to the 7 Days Inn, at $30 a night you could easily stay and eat in Guangzhou for under $100 a day.

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